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Video: Mat Yo’s Wife Insulted A Security Guard?

Published On September 24, 2013 |

Mynewshub was shocked to hear that the rude lady in this video is believed to be the wife of a famous footballer, Mat Yo.

Rumours in Facebook mostly confirm the alleged woman as his wife because the Mat Yo was seen frozen and did not stop the woman at all despite of her rude actions.

Scared of the wife maybe?

The video which has been going viral on Facebook is now poured with criticisms by users.

Clearly the childish woman does not know how to control her emotions. And that she has no concept of proper communication.

Even though we know that most security guards may not have high education qualifications, but that does not give us the rights to insult them just because we fell like it.

The security guard was just performing his duties. Is it wrong for him to tell us that we did wrong?

To the rude lady, do remember that we don’t just have to mind our manners to god, we have to be polite to others too.

It does not matter if she is the wife of Mat Yo or Mat Pit or even Mat Bon, we should respect one another.