Vanny Rossyanne

Indonesian Model Reveals Shabby Prison System

Published On July 29, 2013 |

JAKARTA – Another scandal broke as model, Vanny Rossyanne reveals the shocking truth behind Indonesia’s shoddy prison system.

Vanny claimed that she and her imprisoned drug dealer boyfriend are often allowed to have sex in a “private” room in the prison.

She also claimed to have taken drugs during her frequent visits to the correctional facility.

“I usually go to see my boyfriend three times a week. During the visits we would have sex and take drugs.

“There are two rooms in the prison, one of which we normally use and the other was the warden’s room ,” said Vanny, who exposed the story to local press recently.

In the expose, the 22-year-old model disclosed that the warden in reference was Thurman Hutapea, who let the couple use his room.

The scandal also shed a light on how the prison system works in the Republic, where corruption is rampant and how money and power are the tools to gain privileges. Freddy is regarded as wealthy and greatly feared by many in the institution

Vanny also insistss he has plenty of evidence to support her claims.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Law and Human Rights, Amir Shamsuddin does not believe the allegations made by Vanny about the lack of security at Cipinang Prison. The authorities are conducting an investigation to find the truth. – STAR