DJ Dave

DJ Dave To Help Najib In Campaign

Published On April 19, 2013 |

KUALA LUMPUR – The country’s first “DJ” has every reason to feel invigorated as he joins the prime minister on his campaign trail from now until April 5.

Singer and businessman Datuk Irwan Shah Abdullah, or Datuk DJ Dave, is thankful to Datuk Seri Najib Razak for his commitment to improve the lives of Malaysian artistes.

“I was at the prime minister’s residence in Putrajaya yesterday (Wednesday), and like all the other artistes he met, I am delighted that he has asked the 1Malaysia People’s Housing Programme (PR1MA) to look at non-conventional end financing for artistes to own houses.

“The 1Malaysia Privilege Card, a discount card for artistes, is a bold initiative, too.”

Najib, said Dave, had on behalf of the government, pledged RM5 million to his artistes’ foundation Yayasan Artis 1Malaysia (YA1M), and asked him if the money disbursed over the last six months had been fully received.

“The prime minister fulfils his promises and always has the interests of the entertainment industry at heart.”

YA1M, founded by Dave in November with Najib’s support, focuses on veteran artistes, especially those in poor health.

It organises charity events from time to time to raise funds for the benefit of artistes.

“Our artistes will be appearing at various events on the prime minister’s campaign trail. On my part, I’ll be with him in Saratok in Sarawak, Baling in Kedah and Labuan.”

Dave, who became a household name in the 1970s, has helped campaign for three prime ministers — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and now Najib.

He has been campaigning in seven general elections since 1982 and describes Najib as a tireless campaigner for the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.

“I’ve always been a BN man because I am grateful for the progress, harmony and stability we have achieved under its leadership.”

He said he admired Dr Mahathir for his vision, dynamism and intellect, Abdullah for his magnanimity and open-mindedness and Najib for his embrace of social media, approachability and seriousness in engaging Malaysian youth.

“This general election is the time for Malaysians to endorse Najib as their leader. Victory is certain because of his dedication and hard work.”

Dave also paid tribute to outgoing Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim for his commitment to the 1Malaysia spirit in the arts.

“I’ll always remember his services to the arts, because he was fairto all Malaysians, regardless of ethnicity. He gave recognition to talented artistes, regardless of colour and many Sabah and Sarawak talents were recognised during his tenure.” - New Straits Times Online