Shila Amzah Winner Of Asian Wave, Stole The Heart Of TV Viewers In China

Published On September 21, 2012 |

SHANGHAI – Singer Nur Shahila Amir Amzah or Shila Amzah, 22, managed to put this country in international stage by winning the Asian Wave 2012 competition which was held in Shanghai, China which began at 8.30 last night.

With the success, Shila defeated five other finalists who are each from China, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and India.

This good news was confirmed by her brother, Syahir Hamzah via his Twitter account by saying that he is grateful with his sister’s success.

He Tweeted,”Alhamdulillah. @Shilaamzah is a Champion for Asian Wave 2012!! Thanks for you guys for voting :) Lets trending #TahniahShilaAmzah :)”.

Shila Amzah managed to steal the hearts of juries by singing three songs, Gemilang (Jaclyn Victor), Grenade (Bruno Mars), and a Mandarin song. (MURAI.COM.MY)

The following are videos of her performance last night.



  • anneffa

    congrats shila..we proud of you.-the supporters-

  • Byron Lee

    Awesome performance, great voice, very NOW singing stylle!!! Congrats to Shila Amzah – so talented so beautiful. i just cant stop listening to her rendition of Zheng Fu – outstanding!!

  • intanzol

    What an achievement not only for her but for all malaysian. We are proud of u. May you be blessed always.

  • Music Lover

    Bravo, syabas & congrats to u n yr family Shila, we are very proud of u. Quickly pick up yr mandarin. I hope to see u travel to Taiwan n PK the contestants of One Million Star.

  • JW

    Awesome, we really proud of you. Malaysia boleh.

  • Leesa Lulu

    Keep listening again and again lagu mandarin yang Shila Amzah nyanyi ney..Sedap betul..

  • are-u

    lv u shila…i’m veru proud of u…i cannot stop to listening your song