ATTENTION: Locations Of AES Speed Trap Camera

Published On August 9, 2012 |

By the end of this year, road users in this country will be ‘watched’ by 566 high-tech static cameras which could record the face of drivers and type of vehicles clearly even if it is driven for over than 100km/h.

The German made cameras uses one of the components from Automated Enforcement System (AES) which will be installed by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) at strategic locations especially in areas which are accident prone around the country to record drivers who are driving over the speed limit.

Other than the camera, drivers are also monitored by 266 vehicles which is equipped by high-tech facilities which will be used to monitor drivers.

The standard operating procedure for the cameras include putting signboards to warn drivers that speed cameras are around the area, just like what is practiced in other developed countries.

These cameras record better pictures, even if the vehicles are going more than 100km/h.

It would operate the latest by the end of this year and it increases the probability of drivers getting caught by 90 percent!

The government did not come up with any budget for these cameras, instead, two concession companies were appointed to cover the cost which they would gain by the money paid via summons.

The following are the unofficial locations for the speed trap cameras…if they are wrong, do not be mad at us.

What is important is for all road users to obey the rules. Do follow the rules for the sake of your loved ones.

Happy driving! ! –