Pictures Of Proton SUV Which Will Be Launched Soon?

Published On June 27, 2012 |

Quoting a report from IBISWorld (a market analyst firm), shows that since 2007 demands for sport-utility-vehicle (SUV) has increased.

Perhaps that caused Proton to draft a strategy to produce their first SUV.

Proton created an SUV concept vehicle before launching Proton Exora which was named Proton MSX.

According to source, the creation of Proton MSX was based on Lotus APX and has seven seats.

As it fulfills the well-perform and high technology features, their target buyers are from the professional and elite group.

At the same time, Proton focuses on six features namely style, engine performance, technology, driving and handling, quality and comfort which will certainly attract the interest of entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and celebrities to own it.

However, if you observe the vehicle’s design, it is similar to other SUV vehicles in the market like S Porsche Cayenne, BMW X6 35i and Nissan Murano.

By: Harits Asyraf