MalaysiaKini – Pakatan Rakyat’s Propaganda Arm

Published On June 4, 2012 |

It’s about time that Malaysiakini stops pretending to be part of the media and admit that it is a propaganda machine for Pakatan Rakyat. Definitely not the free media as it claims to be.

Anyone who has been into the portal the last few years knows that Malaysiakini has actively campaigned for Pakatan. That is okay actually. It’s their right to take sides. Just don’t claim to be free and fair, and condemn the mainstream media as biased, one sided and controlled.

The news there is not only 90% about Pakatan, the slant and the spin is ridiculously anti BN. In fact, its CEP Pramesh Chandra openly tweets against the BN. Negative news about Pakatan does not see light of day but negative news about Najib and Umno and BN, in that order, are given big play up.

So if you are a reader of Malaysiakini, you will think that 80% of Malaysians support Bersih, Ambiga is a saint sent down to save Malaysia from unfair and unfree elections, Najib and his wife are murderers, everyone in Umno is stupid and corrupt, and Anwar Ibrahim is God’s gift to mankind and Nurul Izzah should be PM. And Malaysiakini is the only unbiased media in the country.

Everyone hates Utusan Malaysia but the truth is that Malaysiakini is Pakatan’s version of Utusan. It is unshamedly pro Pakatan, it has no qualms about twisting stories about the BN and when they are wrong, they quickly pull out the story and behave like it never existed. Can you blame the Umno people if they hate Malaysiakini the way the Chinese hate Utusan?

Their columnists do not even pretend to be professional. They write as though they are card carrying members of DAP, PKR or PAS.

One columnist Dean Johns is a Mat Salleh who writes from Australia where he claims he teaches writing and mentors writers.

May God help them because he writes like he is on drugs, using wild language and making even wilder allegations.

For him, political writing and fiction is the same thing. Yet he is a top columnist in Malaysiakini. They must be paying him with ganja leaves.

Another columnist Josh Hong leads demonstrations on behalf of Pakatan. He was the ring leader together with Wong Chin Huat in a demo in the Twin towers but the coward wore a handkerchief over his face. His favourite topic – anything that is anti-government.

We like to read critical stuff about the government too but not from people who spew hatred, rant and rave and do not bother to do any research and who base their writing on their hatred.

Then there is Mariam Mokhtar, a first class Malay apologist on behalf of the DAP. Always eager to attack the Malays as incompetent, corrupt, lazy. Mariam, your English is better than that stupid white guy from down under, you do not need to stoop so low like him to please your audience. Some intellectual honesty, please.

As for KJ John, he is an academic who is looking for his share of fame and who obviously is not spending enough time on his students’ welfare.

People say he is also anti-government in an inconsequential way but most of us have never been able to finish reading what he writes – he is utterly boring – that we cannot really comment. So we shall not pass judgment on him.

But Mr John, if people are not really reading you, maybe you should give up the space to some who has more consequential stuff to say?  Like Ong Kian Ming? Both teaches at USCI.

Which brings us to Ong Kian Ming. He is not a columnist but he writes sometimes for Malaysiakini especially during by-elections and he is more often wrong than right. He gets consultancy work from the Selangor government, so we cannot blame him for being a spokesman for Pakatan.

We could go on about the Pakatan cronies in Malaysiakini but that’s all for now, folks. Watch this space for more… (Source: Stop The Lies)