How To Correct Our English Mistakes?

Published On May 16, 2012 |

The development of education level which has become more encouraging now requires every citizen in our country to command various fields.

This includes the ability to speak in various languages especially the ability to master English.

But, now, many of us do not realize that we often make grammar mistakes in English when we speak although the mistake is small.

So, wouldn’t we want to correct our English speech so that listeners do not misinterpret the meaning of our conversation?

It’s very simple!

Astro has just launched a sitcom in the form of education to the public entitled ‘Oh My English’ which is aired on Astro TVIQ channel.

The sitcom is set in a casual and interesting manner which will be showcased officially beginning this May 20, every Sunday at 10am.

Also featured in ‘Oh My English’ are several famous artists like Adibah Noor, Izara Aisyah, Comedian Os, Ezlisa Loy and many more who will relate to scenarios involving the society when speaking in English.

In the sitcom, it somewhat displays some of our daily habits of preferring to speak incorrectly.

The sitcom is also suitable to be watched by little children who want to learn English.

So, for those of you who would like to know whether your English is the best or not, watch the sitcom or browse at for more information.

It’s not wrong for us to improve our English, right?

By: Naimah Shaari

  • johnson

    how this sitcom can  improve my english language?i think it is not effected for me

  • Nureen Dania

    How to correct the english word.

  • Nureen Dania

    Oh! Sorry…

  • meera

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