Umi Hafilda Confirmed That Azmin Ali’s ‘Ice-Cream’ Had E-Coli?

Published On May 3, 2012 |

According to a formal statement made by Azmin Ali yesterday, he denied that he was involved in an ‘ice-cream project’ like what was published in most blogs.

The denial may seem logic, as PKR’s Vice President, obviously his image was ruined when photos of him ‘buying ice-cream’ while measuring his shirt and pants in the toilet went viral.

And in the toilet, there were tonnes of bacterias; salmonella, serratia, shigella and e.coli. For a person that has such high position, Azmin would definitely know about things when it comes to hygiene, right?

The problem now is, the person in the pictures really showed that it is just as same as the person who actually denies it. Excuse that was given by a few sides saying that it was another body double seem to be a bit irrelevant.

If it is a form of accusation, how can it be? Superimposed? That seemed impossible because most of the pictures were screen captured from a few videos.

And the video was taken from a few recordings of CCTVs that was set by a person that is close to him, or the girl. Perhaps this is an inside job.

However it goes, one thing that is certain, Azmin Ali’s sister confirmed that the man in the video was her brother.

The information should be credible because it was made by his own sister.

What is left now is the matter of whether this transaction was halal or haram.

Whatever it is, let us all wait for Azmin’s next move.