Sazzy Falak Will Launch Her Own Clothing Line

Published On March 21, 2012 |

PETALING JAYA – After successfully being known as a popular actress and female host, Sazzy Falak plans to start her next move in the fashion world when she releases her own clothing line.

The brand SF by SF or Street Fashion by Sazzy Falak is designed with Sazzy’s own personal touch and inspiration which will feature her designs as different from other available brands.

The brand is expected to be in the market this June.

For Sazzy, the inspiration to highlight her talent and designs in the fashion world arise because she likes simple and flamboyant concepts and would like to share opinions on the fashion world with her fans.

“I like the street fashion concept which is simple and flamboyant. Because of that I chose to showcase clothes like these.

“It is affordable and offers various choices for women in college to early 30s,” said Sazzy as reported by media.

To attract fans of the fashion world, SF by SF will offer products such as scarfs and clothes design by Sazzy in the early establishment of her brand which will be sold online.

Sazzy at this time is still gathering unique designs before it is launched.

Many parties are confident that Sazzy definitely would not disappoint demands by fashion buffs who want good quality clothes and reasonable prices from the brand SF by SF.

“This brand’s specialty is the fabric quality used and prices as low as RM60 to RM120, while some of my exclusive clothing designs will be priced around RM200.

“Now I’m busy collecting suitable designs before launching it later,” she said.

Besides that, seeing the online fashion business grow like mushrooms after rainfall, Sazzy is confident that her clothing brand is able to compete with other brands already available in the market given the uniqueness of her design is able to offer different choices to shoppers.

“I’m confident this fashion brand will be different and unique from other available brand. I sketch the designs as a result of my own taste, observation and reference from fashion sites on the internet,” said Sazzy.

Sazzy who undeniably loves fashion and is obsessed with it is often seen sharing her daily wear ideas and inspirations with fans on her personal Twitter site as well as Instagram profile.]

By: Naimah Shaari

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