Man Cuts Off Wife’s Nipple Is Arrested

Published On March 20, 2012 |

SEOUL – A man was arrested for cutting off his wife’s nipple and swallowing it after the woman demanded a divorce from him, said police yesterday.

The Korean Times press reported that the Korean man of Chinese descendant swallowed the nipple from his wife’s left breast after cutting it off with a knife when he was struggling with her in their house at Andong, North Gyeongsang district.

According to Andong police, the 48 year old man was drunk when he fought with his wife who is also a North Korean who betrayed, early Thursday morning.

The victim asked for separation from her husband and accused her husband of only working part-time and has a habit of drinking alcohol, before attacking her.

The man committed the act after pushing his wife to the floor.

The woman was later brought to the hospital for further treatment. – Agensi