Father Hired Prostitue For Son’s Birthday

Published On March 4, 2012 |

All parents want the best for their kids, but what happened in Nicaragua last week was shocking.

Having too much love for his son, Don Cesar took the decision to give his virgin son a special ‘present’. A prostitute for his 16th birthday.

Some claimed that it is something normal at the country, but it is still an offence as his son is still underage.

The son, Juan, may seem to be ‘lucky’,but do you know, the prostitute that was hired was an old woman in a cheap prostitution place known as The Chicken.

Cesar and his son became a hot topic as the video of their story went viral on Facebook and Youtube.

What’s worse is that Cesar said, few reasons why he chooses to do so is because he wants his son to be seen as macho.

For your information, the father even provided condom for his son.

Most viewers criticized the father’s action…not  just that, even the father of the prostitute did not agree to such thing.

Meanwhile, Juan was seen giggling after he was ‘done’ being manly, admitting that he was exited over his new experience although was teased by his father for only being able to last for a few minutes.

And this was what the woman told Cesar about Juan;

“Great, you should bring him back here again”

Simply crazy… – By SYAHRIL A. KADIR (mynewshub.my)