1,500 Years Old Bible Discovered In Turkey

Published On February 28, 2012 |

ANGKARA – A 1,500 years old Bible which contains Jesus’ prophesy regarding Prophet Muhammad’s arrival attracted the Vatican’s attention when the Roman Catholic leader, Pope Benedict XVI, was reported to have requested to see the bible, that was hidden in Turkey since 12 years ago.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, Ertugral Gunay, told Daily Mail, the copy which is estimated to be worth USD$22 million (RM66 million) contains a prophesy made by Jesus on Prophet Muhammad’s arrival.

However the Christian Church prevented the information from being disseminated and known to public for years, as a result of the similarities with Islamic views on Jesus, he said.

In Islam, Jesus was treated as a human being, not God. It rejects the Holy Trinity idea and the crucifixion of Jesus and reveals Jesus’ prophesy of Prophet Muhammad’s arrival.

In one of the version of the Bible, Jesus was said to have spoken to a priest: How to call upon the savior? He Muhammad is a blessed name.

In another entry, Jesus denied he was the savior instead that person comes from the Ismaili group referring to an Arab race descendant of Prophet Ismail.

According to reports, Muslims claimed that the Bible, said by many was the Saint Barnabas Bible, an addition to the original Mark, Matthew, Luke and John Bible. Saint Barnabas is traditionally known as the founder of the Cypriot Church and a missionary in the early era of the Christian religion development.

Gunay said, the Bible was handwritten on an animal skin with gold using Aramaic language (believed to be similar to the Hebrew language).

He said, the Vatican officially requested to see the book, which was found by the Turkish during a smuggling operation in 2000. The gangster group was reported to have smuggled various ancient artifacts.

It is heavily guarded by authorities before handing over to the Ankara Ethnography Museum and will be exhibited soon. The single copy written by Jesus was reported to be worth USD$2.4 million (RM7.2 million).

However, doubts regarding the authenticity of the handwritten manuscript has started to emerged. The Protestant priest, Ihsan Ozbek, said that book version was allegedly from the fifth or sixth century, while Saint Barnabas was alive in the first century as one of Jesus’ messengers.