Yusry & Lisa’s Lively Wedding Reception!

Published On February 27, 2012 |

KUALA LUMPUR – The wedding reception of Yusry Abdul Halim and Lisa Surihani which was held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) last Sunday night was certainly enliven.

After tying the knot as husband and wife last February 23, the reception ceremony was attended by nearly 2000 guests consisting of family members, relatives from both sides, friends of the couple and also media friends.

The reception started at 9pm with the arrival of the bride followed by the groom.

The event of reciprocate quatrain according to the malay custom was also presented before the groom was allowed to sit on the dais to begin the wedding ceremony.

The newlyweds looked beautiful and radiant where Lisa appeared elegant and sweet in a white dress designed by Putra Aziz from Cosry boutique while Yusry looked smart in a white baju melayu in the same colour also from the same designer.

Themed like the ‘French Vintage’ concept, the hall’s surrounding was beautiful decorated with soft coloured flowers and displayed elegance in the ceremony.

Among the artists who were present to enliven the ceremony were Jaclyn Victor, Marion Counter and husband, Sein (Ruffedge) and wide, Dephne Iking, Aizat, Stephen Rahman, Atilia, Sazzy Falak and husband, Rabbani and others.

This is the second marriage for Yusry after separating with beautiful actress, Erra Fazira and the first marriage for Lisa.

By: Naimah Shaari 

  • Shanini

    Apasal lisa kawin ngan yusri?
    Dah takde orang laen ke?
    Yusrikan duda, tah handsome.pulak tu…….
    Lisa kan cantik, tentu ramai yang suka. Haizzzz

    ~Nini singapore~

    • Nina

      biar lah. Yusri handsome perhh

  • mummy jaja

    Elok ar dorang kawin.. 
    X perlu kita persoalkan lg tentang dgn sape ke..
    artis atau org biasa ke..
    duda atau janda ke..
    cantik atau burok ke…
    Asalkan ada restu ibu bapa & keluarga..
    Dpt elakkan diri dr buat maksiat.. Alhamdulillah.. Tumpang gembira..
    Be supportive & Be positive, Malaysian !!!!!!