UMNO Youth ‘Impeded’ From Seeing Ariff Alfian

Published On January 6, 2012 |

Do you still remember the story about Ariff Alfian Rosli, the former medicine student who disappeared three years ago and was believed to have married his same-gender partner in Ireland?

To aid in the crisis of his ‘disappearance’ and help his family to resolve the loan repayment demand notice of RM890,000 which was used to finance his education, UMNO Youth Community Complaints Bureau Head, Datuk Muhd. Khairun Aseh  flew to United Kingdom (UK) recently.

However what is disappointing, Muhd. Khairun revealed that he was ‘prevented’ from meeting Ariff Alfian in Ireland.

“I have tried various methods however when I was there, I was ‘impeded’ from meeting Ariff Alfian..among the obstacles included the Ireland law itself which ‘protects’ the student.

“No wonder the parents still fail to find their own children although they came here eight times in the past three years,” he said to from London.

Ariff Alfian’s story begin to attract the public’s attention when his father, Rosli Harun requested Utusan Malaysia’s help to find his son who could not be contacted since three years ago.

The Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) retired officer who has served for 31 years hit a dead-end when he failed to locate the second child from four siblings after trying various efforts including lodging a report to the police, Wisma Putra, Malaysian Embassy in Ireland and the Ireland Embassy here, in that period.

However it was finally confirmed that Ariff Alfian was safe there.

The Malaysian Ambassador to Ireland, Datuk Ramli Naam said, his party was well aware of Ariff Alfian’s existence in that country since he was still studying.

However, he said, the embassy and Wisma Putra could not reveal any detailed information of the former Petronas sponsored student due to honouring the Dublin Personal Protection Data Act.

Meanwhile, Muhd Khairun said, his party is currently striving so that Petronas could sue Ariff Alfian in that country.

“We have to remember, those who suffer are the guarantors to the money he loaned..the amount is not small.

“Because of that, one of the reasons we wanted to see Ariff Alfian is to tell him to not run away from the problem and resolve it immediately,” he said.

Petronas terminated his sponsorship based on his unsatisfactory academic results and achievements which violates condition of the loan agreement. -Ny: Syahril A. Kadir (

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