Khairul Fahmi Threatened With Sex Images?

Published On November 27, 2011 |

KUALA LUMPUR – After coming back as a national hero for helping the Harimau Muda squad to beat Garuda at their own land, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat also known as Apex kept on getting ‘haunted’ by girls, this time around, the new upcoming artist, Shida Harmi.

One of the new stories on the Harimau Muda goalkeeper, entertainment blog, published a few images which showed intimate moments between Apex and Shida Harmi that was sent by a close friend of his or Shida Harmi herself.

“We are certain that the person who sent us the email (and a few media partners) is a close friend or maybe Shida Harmi herself,” said the owner of the website.

Heating up the controversy, also published two Blackberry Messenger (BBM)  screenshots which showed the conversation between Apex and Shida Harmi which definitely looked like a threat.

In the BBM conversation, Shida seemed to be threatening Apex to reveal to the public that they had slept together.

“Klu I nk sebar kan dri dlu lah cik fahmiiiii.. Pk la skik.. Sb kan u dh wat palat gini, kutuk2 I sume, Cite psl u? Cite psl pe? Bukan I cite btul ke? Yg u cakap I dok meroyan tergile2 kan u nape?  U nak i tunjuk bukti yg pena tdo dgn u? I got all d prove..dun u eva play wit me,” kata Shida, merujuk kepada BBM tersebut.

(“If I were to spread this, I could have done this a long time ago, Mr. Fahmi…Think…since you have done things like this, criticizing me, making stories about you, wasn’t that  the truth? Why would you go around telling people that I am crazy over  you? Do you want me to show the proof that we have slept together? I’ve got all the proof…Don’t you ever play with me,” said Shida, referring to the BBM.

The entertainment blog also believed that the pictures and BBM conversation between Apex – Shida Harmi happened around August 2011, when the issue regarding Apex and his former fiancee, Elia, was still in the spotlight.

Khairul Fahmi broke up with Elia then he was said to have been in a relationship with an artist, Dahlia Teck, and another one, Shida Harmi.

Apex also had gone through a controversy when a few sides started to send a few pictures of him with a few women when they were celebrating Dahlia Teck’s birthday in one of the exclusive restaurants in Bukit Bintang soon before he left for Jakarta for Sea Games.

The following are a few pictures of Apex and Shida Harmi that was published in today.