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Published On October 19, 2011 |

KUALA LUMPUR – The extraordinary popularity of the social network Facebook has also become a platform to promote various goods including unhealthy goods like women and prostitution.

Perhaps due to the society’s extraordinary attention on Facebook, so without any shame some pimps chose to promote their ‘product’ on that particular website.

Survey carried out by found a Fan Page entitled Malaysia No 1 Call Girl Service. 3C Agent : 0129599***.

So far there are over 1,000 Facebook users who chose to Like the page.

Perhaps all of them need continuous updates on where and when can they receive their ‘goods’.

What is interesting, the pimp who offered the call girl booking service on the hand complained on the Facebook wall because ‘he was short-handed’ in entertaining his customers’ behaviour who wants fast service in the middle of the city’s congested roads.

The company’s Facebook account handler only wants to be known as Agent 3C, requested that his customers understands the heavy traffic condition and not expect him to successfully deliver the booked girl in a very short period of time.

“Many customers want fast. But the traffic in Kuala Lumpur is congested everyday, hope you can understand. Don’t ask me to deliver in 10 minutes. It’s impossible,” he said last Sunday here.

Recently, received an email from a reader who informed about the existence of an agency that offers female escort service in the city openly on Facebook.

The agency that only only wants to be known as 3C offers beautiful foreign girls to become a companion to anyone who is interested according to the period of booking and native country of their chosen ‘express companion’.

According to information on the web page, the agency involved supplies female services from China, Thailand and Indonesia according to the fixed price from RM180 to RM700 according to the total  hours they require.

Besides the Facebook account, ‘Malaysia No 1 Call Girl Service’, 3C agency also promotes their ‘business’ on their official blog, ‘No 1 Malaysia Escort Service 2011′.

It is believed that after the agent stated that customers could do whatever they want to the girls, many ‘lecherous’ men were interested to obtain their service.

“Yes. Good service. Can do whatever u want,” quoted from agent 3C who operates in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Although the website published a mobile number to be contacted for dealing ‘business’, the number shown failed to be contacted by several individuals who complained on his wall.

“Where r u in KL? U r mobile not working?

“I call so many times but number is not in service u have other number?,” Koteswararo Vaddavalli commented on that Facebook page.

“I called but couldn’t get through..” said ‘kucing hodoh’ on the same wall.

This activity and others alike should get the authorities attention because Facebook is used by members of the community of various ages including those who are still schooling.

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