‘Istanbul Aku Datang’: Lisa Surihani Gets Cuter!

Published On October 9, 2011 |

KUALA LUMPUR – Lisa Surihani fans can finally get exited now that they beloved actress is back as she starred in her new film, ‘Istanbul Aku Datang’ that is produced by Red Films Sdn Bhd, directed by a famous director, Bernard Chauly.

The film that was collaborated with Grand Brilliance Sdn Bhd that will be in cinemas in 2012 is reported to show a difference in Lisa’s appearance with a cuter hairstyle.

Her cute photos can be seen in ‘Istanbul Aku Datang’ Facebook profile that shows reports of the updates of the filming that is now being held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Other than Lisa Surihani, the romantic/comedy film also features other actors such as Tomok, Beto Kusyairi and Aizat.

The following are the pictures from the Facebook page of the film: