Norman Hakim Touched By Abby Abadi

Published On September 27, 2011 |

DESPITE the controversy which struck Norman Hakim and Memey Suhaiza that broke the marriage between Norman and Abby Abadi two years ago, Abby still allowed her two children, Mohamed Danish and Marissa Dania to attend their father’s solemnization ceremony that took place in Johor, last Saturday.

In fact Abby’s husband was also surprised with her decision however he was still touched by Abby’s sincerity who allowed them to attend his special day. Norman also admitted that he did not think of bringing his children to the solemnization ceremony because he had planned to take them to the reception ceremony which will take place in Kuala Lumpur later.

“I would like to thank Abby because she prepared the attire worn by the children at the solemnization ceremony today. I never thought at all to bring them here today but Abby was the one who suggested I bring them. In fact she herself woke up early to prepare the children’s attire,” Norman said during a media conference immediately after the solemnization ceremony ended.

At the same time, Norman also felt relieved because the turbid relationship between him and Abby previously is getting better since both have accepted the fate that was written. The 35 year old actor added, as little time has passed “I see my relationship with Abby now is getting better. The passing time has made us both accept everything that has happened. Although now I am a husband to Memey, however that does not mean Abby cannot contact me anymore.

“I also don’t mind if Abby wants to share any problems with me. We have separated but the fact is we still have a relationship as mother and father to three of our children,” Norman said ending the statement.

Norman and Abby was confirmed divorced (talak satu) at the Gomabk Timur Shariah Court in 2008 after they divorced for the first time on May 5, 2006. Result of their life partnership, they have three children namely Mohamed Danish Hakim, 8, Marissa Dania, 6, and Maria Danisha,3.