Welcome Suara Pakatan Rakyat

Published On September 14, 2011 |

KUALA LUMPUR – There are probably innumerable number of websites or portal that talks about politic in this country.

From those who are pro-opposition to pro-government.

From a beautiful language to the worst language.

There is one good aspect, blogs and portal like these indirectly brings the interest of reading and thinking to the community.

Take an example of this website, http://suarapakatanrakyat.com/, gives a new option for reading.

Although it is only two months, the latest news website, Suara Pakatan Rakyat has managed to give fresh and latest reports regarding the country’s politic world.

Specializing in the country’s political news, this website which is clearly inclining towards Pakatan Rakyat often bombards the Barisan Nasional government, especially UMNO and is rational in criticizing the country’s government policies.

Despite fully supporting Pakatan Rakyat, the website does not hesitate to criticize opposition parties and often contradict opinions with Pakatan leaders.

That is the website’s strength and difference, if something is felt not right among the oppositions, it will also be reprimanded. Although not often, but it is done. It is not a one way characteristic.

As an example, recently the website criticized Pakatan Rakyat leaders who obsessively politicize the late Noramfaizul’s death issue who was killed when he did news coverage in Mogadishu, Somalia.

It is very rarely altogether for us to find an opposition news portal that criticizes Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders and policies such as Suara Pakatan Rakyat.

For example, news portals like Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider and Free Malaysia Today has never criticize Pakatan Rakyat leaders on their portal despite admitting they as a neutral website.

Welcome Suara Pakatan Rakyat and continue to publish news that are true with full responsibility and the most important is not to hurt the readers’ feelings.

We support websites like this and strive to emulate it.

Hopefully with the emergence of Suara Pakatan Rakyat news portal, we expect that this website will heat up the publishing field in the country’s cyberworld. -Mynewshub.my