Ashraf Muslim Married At Mecca

Published On September 4, 2011 |

KUALA LUMPUR – Almost all local entertainment blogs today focused on the marriage of Ashraf Muslim with Noor Dayana Hj Lokman at Mecca, following their engagement on April 23.

“May this marriage last forever, Ashraf Muslim. Amin,” said

“After the wedding, we would perform the tawaf and sunat prayers before proceeding to the null ablution ceremony.” said Ashraf.

Besides that, Ashraf Muslim & Dayana also will be performing umrah together.

Meanwhile, according to, they congratulated Ashraf and Noor Dayana for their wedding that was done on the first day of Syawal (August 30, 2011) in Mecca.

“Ashraf Muslim who is now a medical practicioner at Islam Al-Hidayah, Gombak, shared that his wife is humble, solehah and had stolen his heart.

“Exclusive for readers, a few spyshots had been taken by a Cari Forumer during the wedding ceremony of Ashraf Muslim & Noor Dayana, but the source was not known.

“What is clear is that the wedding in Mecca was organized in a simple manner, unlike the trends that are often followed by a few Malaysian celebrities,” the blog added.

When they get back from Mecca, their reception is scheduled to be held on September 24, 2011 (Syawal 26, 1432 Hijrah) at Melaka International Trade Center (MITC). added that the despite of the moderate ceremony, considering that it was done in a foreign land, but it was something that is very meaningful as they had chosen the holy land as a place to get married.

“May the marriage last forever, Ashraf. :),” it said. also congratulated Ashraf who is now officially became the husband of Dayana.

“Their ceremony was very simple and it was done in Mecca. Congratulations to these newly weds,” the blog said.
Credits to Cari Forumer Ues1331.

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